2013 European HR Director Summit


This was the official website for the 2013 European HR Director Summit is Europe’s premier forum for senior HR executives as well as leading industry players.
Content is from the site's 2013 archived pages.

23 - 26 September, 2013
London, UK


Welcome to the European HR Director Summit

Running into its 13th year, the European HR Director Summit is Europe’s premier forum for senior HR executives as well as leading industry players. With this year’s theme set on ‘Accelerating HR Transformation in A Global Context and Pushing The Strategic Agenda of HR Organisation’, the conference brings you ultimate learning experience with three focused streams - Globalising HR Services Delivery, Talent Management & Workforce Optimisation and HR Technology & Analytics.


Globalising HR Services Delivery

HR Technology & Analytics

Talent Management & Mobility

  • End-to-end HR processes
  • Lean initiatives and projects
  • Customer-central model
  • Vendor Management for HR professionals
  • Future HR operational model
  • Cloud-based HR Management System
  • HR analytics fundamentals: People and Data
  • Change management
  • HR applications and tools
  • Strategic workforce management
  • What should we do differently to drive your talent strategy?
  • Talent mobility to fuel future growth
  • Soda] Media Effectives
  • Complexity of global leadership


  • Vertical industry peer group debating ‘Future Recruitment, Strategic Workforce Planning and Social Media Effectiveness’
  • Three utterly discussion-led streams lead you to take a deep dive into what top performing HR organisations are doing with HR Technology, Big Data in HR, Nexus Talent Management, Process-centric HR Services Delivery, and HR Transformation
  • 30+ case studies /sessions delivered by industry leading speakers offer you comprehensive information on proven strategy, winning approaches and actionable tips
  • Introducing you three Think-Tank panel sessions:
    1. ‘Aligning HR Strategies with Business Goals’
    2. Talent Management - What Should We Do Differently in 2013
    3. The New Era of HR: Transforming HR with Big Data, Cloud and Social Media
  • Two-day long HR Showcase Hall gives you an exclusive opportunity to learn, assess and meet with your potential vendors



You listen, you learn, you think, you question, you do and you benefit:

  • Globalising your HR transformation projects with effective change management & optimised resources
  • Driving process excellence for HR Services through customer-centric model and lean initiatives
  • Integrating and consolidating HR Management System at a global scale
  • Step by step guidance on HR analytics and advanced predictive modeling
  • Embracing social media tools in your talent management strategy to recruit and retain top performers
  • Leveraging talent mobility to address the talent mismatch & to fuel growth opportunities
  • Transforming your workforce planning to be strategic, demand-driven and aligned with business strategy



Opinion: This was not only an informative conference delivering business insights, but also a great venue for networking. It was at this conference that I met a fellow HR Executive form Philadelphia (we are practically neighbors) who recommended a splendid furniture staore that is an authorized dealer for the most respected Italian furniture designers and manufacturers operating in the market place today. When I mentioned my husband and I had just bought a midcentury modern just outside of Philadelphia, he asked where ansd it turns out we live about 15 minutes away from one another. Ypu must go to the modern Italian furniture showroom at room service 360°, he gushed. Their collection of furnishings includes accessories as well, including a broad array of lighting fixtures that will enhance your contemporary décor. The leather sectional sofas are to die for. My goodness, I thought, does this man have a stake in the company? Turns out his high praise was spot on. We were able to almost completely furnish the new house from that one store. It also turned out that I met the man who would eventually hire me away from the company that I was representing at the conference. But that's another story for another time.




Conference Day On

8:00 AMRegistration & Networking

9:00 AM Summit Welcome

9:05 AM Chairman's Opening Remarks


9:15 AM The Future of Human Resources

Conventional interpretations of what HR offers are increasingly outdated as business requirements and technology evolves. Market leaders are now focusing on how to develop the role of HR as a business partner by driving growth and exploiting opportunities, whilst keeping the fundamentals of a value-driven service delivery ticking over. Join our keynote speaker in this opening address to entrench your understanding of this widely used term, and consider the implications that the more modern version of transformation could have on you, your function and the wider business.
10:00 AM Global Workforce Management – How Can You Get the Most from Talent in Your Region
Employee engagement is a critical tool to drive the value of human capital further. Get this wrong, however, and you risk depleting your organisations human resources, and worse, open your talent up to competitors. With currently only 13% of employees engaged in their roles across 142 countries worldwide, which dips into single figures in specific regions, organisations need to effectively understand and use their people’s talents, skills and energy. The potential here is palpable!
Join this benchmarking session to see where you fit on the global scale, and learn more about how to combat the frightening levels of disengagement globally.

Managing Partner

10:30 AM Talent Management Spotlight

Recently, innovative talent management has centred on the Y generation, social media and . But has creating a corporate profile on Facebook actually worked, or are we focusing too much on gimmicks and not enough on giving rising stars what they actually want.
Engage with our panel and drill deeper into these basic questions to guide your approach to align better with strategic objectives:
• Who do you want to work for your business?
• What are innovative ideas, and what are counter-productive gimmicks?
• What can you offer them that make a difference?
• How do you know what your people really think of your current approach?
• What can you offer them that is unique, or at least competitive?
• What are the gaps between your desired corporate culture, and the reality?

Thorston Porger

HR Director Europe & Country Coordinato>
B/E Aerospace Systems GmbH


Stuart White

Global Head of Human Resources & Training<


11:15 AM Structured Networking Break & Supplier Meetings

11:45 AM No presentations – just peer-to-peer exchange on the hottest issues on your agenda
Choose from ‘Traditional HR’, ‘HR Technology’ or 'Corporate HR' to grapple with these core focus areas. And feel free to switch between the streams if you want to learn about more!

*Access to the Corporate HR Boardroom is by invitation only. Contact us to see if you qualify: enquire@iqpc.co.uk



11:50 AM *Pre-Qualification necessary
An invite only executive meeting limited to 25 senior HR leaders to engage in in-depth boardroom style discussion to establish corporate perspectives on current HR issues and trends



Keen to find out how to deliver value?
Keen to find out how to deliver value? oin this stream to discover the latest trends, tips and innovations to deliver value through HR.
Covering topics such as:
Cost Control, Labour Arbitrage, Streamlining, Process, Delivery Models, Automation and more.



What is the CHRBoardroom?

Accessible only by personal invitation, the Corporate HR Boardroom is a private meeting with executive peers, designed to enable you to focus on and debate the issues facing HR at the strategic level.
Free-flowing and tailored to meet the requirements of the most senior Corporate HR Leaders, this meeting focuses on discussion based interaction, rather than traditional presentations.
This is your unique opportunity to connect with your Corporate HR peers, and discuss your challenges freely and frankly.


Recruitment: Back to Basics

Tackle HRs’ Achilles heel by grappling with the
following challenges:
• Recession-proof candidate selection to ensure financial motivation is just one element of selection
• Assess the value of competency test metrics versus interpersonal skills and attitude when considering long-term implications
• Outstrip the competition by developing best-in-class acceptance and rejection practices
HR Director


Change the Way Your Company Works

Software enablement offers HR Directors and C-Suite executives more opportunity to gain actionable insights into the deluge of HR data. Make sure you are aiming for the right outcomes , as outlined below:
• Streamline, modernise and add precision to hiring practices
• Increase workforce productivity and connect employees in ways that impact business results
• Modernise and enhance the way your company currently operates


12:25 PM 12.25: Introduction to Boardroom

12.30: Boardroom Discussion begins

The Boardroom agenda will cover the following points, across free flowing agenda:

1) The Changing Role of HR: Responding to Corporate Challenges
Joe Connor
Chief HR Officer
The Post Office

Please select


Innovative HR Analytics Demonstration:
The Power of HR IT Collaboration at Metro
Delivering to a workforce of over 120,000 FTEs, the HR team at Metro had their work cut out to deliver a useful, integrated technology platform to drive HR analytics.
Rather than turn to technology providers, Udo Stauber leveraged a collaborative HR/IT partnership to develop an in-house platform to deliver actionable insights to HR executives and corporate
stakeholders across 28 countries.
What’s more, he will demonstrate just how it works live in this session. See how the new dashboard:
• Helps the HR front line effectively manage and monitor perrformance.
• Delivers live analytics to drive workforce planning
• Offers comparisons to determines efficiency of the organisation in different countries
Udo Stauber
Director HR Organization Development, Processes & IT
Metro AG


HR Process Standardisation

Developing a corporate brand through HR requires a comprehensive HR process framework, delivering standardised, scalable and repeatable services.
• Get insight into how to refine process complexity to achieve a principle based framework
• On board internal stakeholders to ensure minimal disruption during the process standardisation project
• Realise the true value of standardisation in the context of developing the role of HR internally, and your external company brand


This is your opportunity to quickly and effectively assess the  roducts and services on offer in the exhibit hall and their potential  alue to your organisation.
One lucky Demo Drive participant will take away an iPad Mini!

1:30 PM Networking Luncheon and Supplier Meetings






Please select



Please select

Capitalise on workforce resilience and the recent surge in domestic and migrant talent to update internal skill sets

Respond to criticism that these are the least engaged workforces in Europe and design innovative strategies to reignite your  people’s passion

Address interpersonal development within a highly process driven corporate environment to combat workforce disengagement

Explore opportunities to welcome migrant/offshore talent to delivery models

Tackle market saturation from organisations seeking to leverage labour arbitrage

Tailor your approach to Recruitment and Retention within the context of the economic/employment crisis in your region

Discuss how to develop a global corporate culture that unites thousands, but also flexes to meet diverse interests and perspectives

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Conference Day Two



Stream 2: HR Technology

Please select

Stream 2: HR Technology


Stream 2: HR Technology




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